Premium wood briquettes

Briquettes without additions

Our own controlled wood production demonstrates a high awareness of sustainability and ecological responsibility and guarantees a consistently high product quality.

A sustainable, high heat density, biomass fuel made from pure wood waste. Woodbriquettes have a significantly longer burning time than firewood. The alternative for open fireplaces and fireplace and tiled stoves.

We feel particularly committed to the topic of energy efficiency and pay attention to the energetic utilisation of our wood residues.

Certification: TÜV certified

Made of wood residues – sawdust – the wood-briquettes are assimilated to renewable fuel resources with absolute ecological and commercial benefits by reducing dependency on fossil fuels as well as making a contribution to reducing global warming by negative net CO2 emissions.
Wood-briquettes are produced under high pressure without bonding agent as a pure wood product.
Production Capacity: 5,000 tons / year
• dimensions: diameter 75mm x length 250mm
• moisture content: 8%
• caloric power: 18 MJ/kg (2 kg briquettes = 1 liter light-fuel)
Packing: Wood-briquettes are packed in carton boxes built on one-way wooden pallets.
Custom size / weight boxes are available. Carton boxes are brand customized.

Standard box / pallet:
10 briquettes / carton box —> 63 carton boxes / pallet
Standard weight:
by box / pallet: 12 kg / box —> 756 kg / pallet

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